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Inline Homogenizer

Inline Homogenizer

Inline Homogenizer

In Inline agitation system, the possibility of materials –Liquid or Solid passing through it, without subjected to intense hydraulic and mechanical shear actions is zero. Here suction pipe (inlet pipe) is centrally mounted & outlet is radially mounted , therefore it is physically impossible for any material to pass from inlet to outlet without exposed to agitation.

The stator which surrounds rotor is available with various type of opening i.e. round, square, rectangular & with perforation also so that all the critical demand of Mixing, Emulsifying, Disintegration & Dispersion of solids, suspension can be met out by same equipment.

The machine is versatile & has completely revolutionized the traditional mixing techniques. Here close tolerance of rotor with the stator produces high hydraulic shearing & mechanical action that ensures that material entrapped between rotor & stator is subjected to tremendous shearing actions each minute.

Fluid Mixing Mechanisms

In terms of mechanical mixing mechanisms, a number of actions are employed by different types of mixers to create different effects for particular process results. For distributive action, swirl created by rotating parts causes laminar thinning of the material interfaces, thereby increasing volumetric combination of the materials. A repeated cutting and folding action of the mixture also increases the distribution of different material components. The effectiveness and efficiency of a mixer in distributive mixing is therefore a function of how the machine interacts with the fluid in a geometric sense.

Conversely, the effectiveness and efficiency of a mixer in dispersive mixing is a function of how the machine interacts with the fluid in a stressing sense. For most materials, the higher the stress, the smaller the resulting particles or droplets in the mixture. However, another very important consideration is the uniformity of the stress field. Without a reasonable uniformity, it is impossible to guarantee that the same stress is applied to all parts of the fluid. This would result in a wide range of final droplet or particle sizes rather than a narrow range obtained with uniform stressing. One or more of the three primary stressing mechanisms are used in most fluid mixers.These mechanisms are:




Inline Mixers

Usually called "high-shear mixers", are the most common form of Dispersing/Homogenising/ Emulsifying mixer. By placing a form of closely-fitting shroud around a high speed impeller, it is possible to create a shearing action between the blades and stator shroud. As material is centrifugally pumped through the mixing head, some of it will see this high shear zone and experience shear stressing that results in dispersive mixing. Where small or uniform dispersions are required, material must be cycled through the head many times to ensure statistically that all of the material has passed through the high shear zone at leastonce.

PUMPING ACTION: Because of indigenous design & rotor operating at very high speed in close clearance with stator draws the material in & imparts mechanical & shearing actions. Inline Homogenizer facilitates high volume, non positive action which is sufficient to transfer the material without any supplementary pumps but in some cases because of high viscosity, vertical lift or length of pipe line , the flow rate may come down below the anticipated value, In that case it is supplemented by an auxiliary pump installed in the system which pumps the liquid without reducing the homogenising/emulsifying efficiency of the system.

END CONNECTION: The inlet & outlet are normally fitted with . DIN, Tri Clover/ Sanitary Screw fittings but other Modes of fittings can be provided on request.

SEALING: Single mechanical seal with Carbon, silicon carbonized phase combination is provided. Special single or double sealing is also available for conditions & process which demand it eg. Latex , Abrasive solids.

APPLICATION OF INLINE HOMOGENISER / EMULSIFIER: Inline emulsifier is successfully used for the following processes

RECIRCULATORY PROCESSING: There are certain processes which demand higher degree of homogenization, dispersion, comminution & but to attain that level, single passage of material through Inline is not sufficient to reach that degree , in that situation , it is more useful to pass the product several times through the same machine by means of recirculation. The above process is normally adopted in producing emulsion of Oil & Water. Oil , which is lighter than water is charged in the holding vessel & water is added into the pipe line between vessel outlet valve & Inlet of Inline Emulsifier. This mix is immediately sucked into the head of emulsifier & there mixing/ emulsification/ homogenization takes place . This mix is then sent into the vessel. This process is repeated till achievement of perfect emulsion. Where viscosity is very high or vessel size is large, it is recommended to go for Batch type mixer along with Inline Mixer.

PREMIX PROCESS: In this process, all ingredient are mixed in a holding vessel with some agitator & a single passage through the inline smoothens the lumps and homogenize a suspension or emulsion.

Inline Mixer is currently in use in the industry listed below & this gives a new horizon for this exceptional machine to validate its results.

• Creams

• Dairy & Confectionary Items

• Beverage & Brewery

• Paper Coating

• Pharmaceuticals

• Pesticides & Insecticides

• Paints

• Natural Herbal Dye

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