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Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant

Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant

Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant

A) Wax/Oil Phase & Water Vessel Specifications

Material of Construction:

Shell 4 mm thk S.S. 316
Top Flange 16 MM THK RING S.S. 316
Top Lid Loose Type in two pieces 16 swg S.S. 316. or top dished as per clients requirement.
Jacket S.S. 304. 6 mm thk with spiral stiffeners
Insulation 50 mm thk glaswool cladded with with S.S 304 with 16 Swg Welded.
Conections 25 NB, bottom valve, Jacket : Steam Inlet, condensate outlet, Jacket Drain with plug, Water Inlet is provided.
Legs 40 NB, Heavy Guage S.S. pipe S.S.304. 4 nos.
Sensor PT-100 for Digital Indicator.
Jacket Pressure 3.5 Kgs.cm.sq working.
Stirrer Suitable H.P. /960 R.P.M /440V/TEFC mounted on side or from the bottom of wax vessel & Water vessel. Agitator will be propeller type
Finish Internal and all contact parts buffed to 240 grit mirror finish and external bufed to 150 grit matt finish.

B) Manufacturing Vessel

Material of Construction:

Shell 6 mm S.S. 316.
Bottom Hemispherical 6 mm S.S. 316
Top Dish Type 6 mm Thick S.S. 316.
Flanges 16 mm thick S.S. 316
Jacket 6 mm thk SS. 304 with spiral patten Stiffeners . cladded with 16 swg S.S 304 welded.
Gasket silicon fitted in groove.
Insulation 50 mm Thick Glasswool with 16 swg S.S. 304 cladding welded.
Legs 3 nos S.S. pipe heavy guage.
Connection Light Glass, Sight glass, Wax inlet, Water Inlet
Nozzels Vacuum Manifold with Vacuum Gauge, Vacuum Nozzle and vent Valve, product outlet, bottom full bore ball valve S.S. 316.Jacket steam inlet, condensate outlet, Drain Plug, Cooling water inlet, Cooling Water Outlet, Manifold with safety valve, Pressure gauge etc.
Bottom Clearance 500 mm from ground level to valve or as required.
Agitator Anchor type S.S. 316 . driven by suitable HP dual rpm motor coupled with gear box.
Bearing Housing Angular Roller Bearing 2 Nos Mounted on a Lantern support caldded with S.S. 304 sheet. S.S. 304 guard is provided.
Homoginizer Bottom Entry High speed Emulsifier of suitable H.P. / 440V / 1440 RPM / TEFC Motor.
Shaft Seal Mechanical Seal with cooling Arrangement mounted on a conical portion.
Sensor PT-100 type will be provided.

C) Product Pipe Line

Pipe line will cover the following:

• Water phase vessel to Mixing vessel thru pump.

• Wax phase vessel to Mixing Vessel thru pump & conical filter.

• Mixing Vessel for re-circulation.

• Mixing vessel to Storage Vessel through lobe pump.

• Storage vessel to hopper of filling machine through transfer pump.

All pipe are seamless & electropolished from inside and outside. Fittings are DIN standard with silicon gasket.

D) Electric Control Panel

It shall consist of

• Main isolator.

• DOL starter for Anchor drive.

• DOL starter for HSE motor.

• Machine light switch for main Mixing Vessel.

• Electrical Digital temperature indicator for all vessel.

• Fuses for all motors.

• Ammeter for anchor and HSE motors.

• Indicating lamps for main ON & OFF with selector switch.

• DOL starters for propeller agitators of Wax & water Phase vessels.

• DOL Starters for all the pumps.


Centrifugal Pump

• Rate: 400 Ltrs/Hr

• MOC: SS 316Q

• Inlet & Outlet: DIN fitting with T connection at inlet & outlet

Above pump is used to transfer wax & water to the main mixing tank.

Bump Pump

Above pump is used to recirculate final mixed cream for intense mixing & to transfer finished cream from Mixing vessel to storage vessel. Other details are as below.

• Type: Twin BUMP

• Design: Sanitary

• Drive: suitable HP, 200 RPM gearbox & motor

• Seal: Teflon bush

• Mounting: Trolley mounted, MOC – SS304Q

• Inlet & outlet: DIN fittings / triclover at inlet & outlet.


Above pump is used to transfer CREAM/OINTMENT from storage vessel to hopper of filling machine.

• Type: Reciprocating Plunger type

• Capacity: 1000 LtR./Hr

• Drive: suitable HP, 1440 RPM

• Head: 2.5 Mtr.

• Mounting: Trolley mounted, MOC – SS304Q

The above pump doses metered quantity of cream into the hopper of filling machine which suits filling rate of filling machine. There is control feed back system between Filling machine & pump

Vacuum Pump

Above pump is suitable HP & capacity depending on the capacity of the ointment plant vessel . watering / oilring type with silencer & non return valve.

F) Storage Tank

The vessel shall be in SS 316Q having cylindrical conical bottom. The vessel will be provided with 40mm ball valve. Shell portion will be flanged from top & bolted to top dish with gasket in bet-ween. All joints are fusion free argon arc welded & inside mirror finished. The vessel will be supported by 4 nos. cladded ‘C’ class 3” pipe and to maintain 450mm ground clearance. Vessel has 50mm inlet nozzle for finished product entry & vent.

G) Working Platform

This platform will cover both tanks & with AL dimpled plate and SS counter sunk screw. SS 304 Q railing on either side. There is provision of steps on either side.