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Stainless Steel Reactor

Stainless Steel Reactor

Stainless Steel Reactor

Jay Pharma Equipments offers high performing Reactors, which are serving in adhesives processing, agriculture, chemical processing, cosmetics, food and beverages production, paints and coatings, paper and pulp processing. Modifications such as the addition of baffles to increase mixing shear have been made to these types of blenders. Each cylindrical leg has an access cover for easy material loading and cleaning.

Types Of Reaction Vessel

• Jacketed, Limpet coil, Top open type, Top dish type etc.

Special Features of Vats & Vessels Reactor

• Reactors are designed to meet the specific needs namely : Optimal mixing, optimal temperature.

• Capacity : 100 Ltr. to 20,000 Ltr.

• M.O.C. - SS 304, SS 316, SS 316 L, MS.

• Stiffener Ring is provided on Inner Shell of Jacket in between Inner Shell and Outer Jacket to intensify main Vessel and to provide uniform circulation and minimize stagnation of heating or cooling medium.

• The jacket can also be fabricated with multiple loops and zones, such as two or three zones on a straight part of the vessel and a zone on the bottom half.

• Jacket also provides resistance to Thermal Shock.

• Equipments are tested hydraulically as per design pressure.

• Various kinds of mixing blades for selection, suitable for all raw materials.

We also make other dryers like. Rotary vacuum paddle dryers, Spherical peddle chopper dryers, Conical screw Dryers.